Fun Sized IFC  •  $5.95

Bite-sized pieces of our popular Island Style Fried Chicken.


Kalua Lumpia  •  $4.95

Crispy egg rolls bursting with our flavorful Kalua Pork and cabbage.


Spam Musubi  •  $2.45

Island style sushi! Steamed rice and grilled Spam glazed with our sweet Hawaiian teriyaki sauce and wrapped in nori (seaweed).


Hawaiian Chili Fries  •  $8.95

A generous portion of french fries smothered in our Hawaiian chili.


Kilauea Wings  •  $7.95

Our Hawaiian version, drenched in lots of sweet, garlic, chili sauce.


Seasoned French Fries  •  $7.45


Pupu Sample Platter  •  $11.95

Try our ono sampling of Fun Sized IFC, Kalua Lumpia, Kilauea Hot Wings and Spam Musubi. Substitute Kilauea Wings or Fun Sized IFC for another item for only $2.45

Services, menu items and pricing are subject to change without notice and may vary by location.

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